Approve and Reject Requests

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Some rooms and resources require approval before they are able to be used for an event. Once your approval groups are set up and assigned to rooms and resources, the approvers can respond to pending requests.

To view requests, click the bell next to your name to see any pending room and resource requests.

Click the yellow box next to your name to visit the Resource Requests page

On this page, you'll see any approvals that require action from you.

Review the requests and click either "Approve" or "Reject" in the request box

If you're a Conflict Resolver, you may see conflicts on this page as well.

  • For events with one requests, click Reject or Approve for the request.
  • For events with multiple requests, click Selective to choose which rooms and resources to approve or reject. You can also click Reject or Approve to apply the response to all requests.

When the request is approved or rejected, the event owner will receive an email letting them know.


If a room or resource has been approved but should have been rejected, go to the event to remove the room or resource, add it back, and then reject it.

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