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Some things require approval before they can be reserved. As a member of an approval group, you can respond to pending requests for rooms, resources, and event request forms to which your approval groups are assigned.

View Pending Requests

When a new request requires your approval, you'll receive an email and see a yellow dot on the Approvals tab.


If an event has a conflict, approval notices will not be sent out until the conflict is resolved.

In the Approvals tab, you can see any approvals that require your action.

  1. If you're a conflict resolver, a Conflicts section on the left side of the Approvals tab shows when there are pending conflicts.

  2. The Event Requests section shows pending events created through an event request form.

  3. The Booking Requests section lists events with pending requests for rooms or resources.


Once requests are resolved, they're removed from the Approvals tab, and the events can be found in the Calendar tab. Filter events to a pending approval status to see any pending events, highlighted in yellow, or rejected events, highlighted in red.

Respond to a Request

Requests are sent to all members of the approval groups for that item. One person from each assigned approval group must respond to resolve a request.


If you request something you're an approver for, the request is automatically approved, and no notifications are sent to other approval group members. However, if you submit a request through an event request form, the request will still need to go through the approval process, even if you're an approver.

Ask for More Information

You can ask for more details if you don't have all the information you need to approve or reject a request.

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  1. Use the internal notes to communicate with the event owner and managers. The event owner, managers, and subscribers can respond with their internal notes. You can edit your internal notes in an event at any time.

  2. If an event was created through an event request form, you can email the requester directly. The requester can respond to your emails, and both will be logged in the Activity tab.


    The event owner and other approvers in the form's default approval group are CC'd on all emails between the event and the requester. Event subscribers are not CC'd on requester emails but can view all emailed comments in the Activity tab.

Approve or Reject a Request

When you're ready, you can approve or reject a request from within the email notification, the event's settings, or the Approvals tab on the Events page.

  • For events with one request, click Reject or Approve for the request.


    If you are responding to a Groups request, email your approval and other comments to the requester since they may not have access to Calendar.

  • For events with multiple requests, click Selective to choose which items to approve or reject. You can also click Reject or Approve to apply the response to all requests.

  • If the request was made through an event request form, the requester is also notified of the decision by email. You can optionally include a custom message with the decision notification.



Once you approve or reject a request, it cannot be reversed.  

If you click the wrong button and need to change your response for a booking request (requested room or resource), you must remove the room or resource from the event, add it back, and then take the correct action.

If you reject an event request form submission, the pending event is deleted immediately and cannot be recovered. The requester must resubmit their request.

What happens when a room or resource is approved or rejected?

Approved: The event owner and manager are notified when a room or resource is approved. Once all rooms or resources are approved, the event is removed from the form's feed, added to the Calendar feed, and included on shared iCal feeds, kiosks, and embeds.

Rejected: The event is also declined, and the owner and manager are notified. The event is highlighted in red on the month calendar but can still be added to Church Center if desired. For the event to happen, the owner or manager can remove the declined room or resource and add another room or resource (if needed).

What happens if I don't approve or reject a request in time?

If an event request is neglected until the requested date passes, the request disappears from the Approvals tab but remains active and accessible in the Requests tab of the form. If the requested date is moved to a date in the future, the approval request re-appears on the Approvals tab for the approvers.

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