Add Suggested Resources to Room Setups

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If some resources are constantly booked with a room, make those resources a suggested resource for faster booking!

Add Suggested Resources to Room Setups

Create a new Room Setup or select a current one to add Suggested Resources to it.

  1. To add a resource to the room setup, simply start typing in the name of the resource you'd like to add.

  2. Suggest an appropriate amount of the resource--it doesn't have to be the max, and the requester will be able to change this amount manually, but whatever you type here will show as the default amount.

  3. If you want a resource to be easy to request, but it isn't necessarily needed for the room setup, add the resource and set the quantity to zero. The resource will show at the time of booking for people to choose; if they don't change the number, it will stay unselected.

Requesting Rooms with Suggested Resources

When requesting a room for an event, choose a Setup option, and then adjust the numbers for the suggested resources.



When resources are unavailable, the resource will have a warning icon next to the resource. It can still be requested, and it will create a conflict.

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