Use Folders to Organize Rooms and Resources

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If you have lots of rooms or resources, keep them organized by using folders! Create folders based on campus, department, or whatever works best for your church!

Check out this clip from Planning Center University.

Create a New Folder

Create a folder by going to the Rooms or Resources tab and clicking New Folder.



If you do not have permission to manage rooms and/or resources, you will not see the buttons in that tab.

Edit or Delete a Folder

To edit or delete a folder, go into the folder and use the appropriate button.

  1. Edit the name of the folder.

  2. Move the folder into or out of another folder.

  3. Delete the folder.


If a folder has events, rooms, or resources in it, those will be moved to the main page upon deletion of the folder.

Put Rooms or Resources in a Folder

You can move a room or resource to the appropriate folder once you've created it. Click the dropdown to choose a folder from a dropdown.

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