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Create specific room setups to choose from when requesting a room. Room setups give direction on how a room should look for an event.

Check out this video for ideas of room setups, and then follow the steps below.


Add a Shared Room Setup

From the Rooms page, click New in the Shared room setups box.

Add A Shared Room Setup

Add a Room-Specific Setup

To add a room-specific setup, go to the room and select Add new setup...

Add A Room-Specific Room Setup

To add a shared room setup to this room, choose Link to shared room setup...

Room Setup Settings

Once you've chosen the appropriate setup type, add information about the room setup, which will be applied when the setup is used.

Edit Room Setup
  1. Add a name and description to help people choose the appropriate setup.
  2. Include an image file of the setup for a helpful visual.
    If you need to create a visual, go to
  3. Suggest resources based on what would fit this room setup.

Click Save to add this Shared Room Setup.

Choose a Setup at Reservation

When requesting a room for an event, choose a setup option from the Setup tab.

Designate A Room Setup When Reserving A Room
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